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Spare Parts , Mercedes Benz - Puch G Wagen , Type Puch 230 GE 4V



More new spare parts avaible on demand .


 Oil filter
 Air filter
 Gasoline filter
 Steering filter
 Water cooling filter
  Automatic transmission filter with seal
 Van belt
 Spark plugs
 Spark plug tool
 Ignition distributor runner
 Battery main switch key
 Windshield whipper
 Ignition cable
 Exhaust manifold , used-reconditioned
 Exhaust pipe , used-recondtioned
 Exhaust flexible pipe , used-reconditioned (new inox flex tube)
 Katalysator , used
 Exhaust , used-reconditioned
 Exhaust end pipe , new
 Water cooler , tropical type

 + 40 % cooling

 Upgraded as new


 Intake manifold , used



 Ignition distributor , used


 Wheel rim 5 1/2  J x 16
 Bulbs set with safety devices
 Starter , Bosch 24 Volt ,upgraded as new
 Alternator , Bosch 24 Volt , upgraded as new
 Engine , reconditioned and upgraded 1. oversize
 Speedometer , upgraded as new
 Power steering , upgraded as new
 Rear mirror
 Taillight glass
 Taillight completely
 Turn signal bases
 Turn signal glass 
 Windshield wiper motor
 Rubber foot - matte , left  side
 Rubber foot - matte , right side
 Automatic gear box , upgraded as new
 Cardan shaft between automatic gearbox and  transfer gearbox
 Cardan shaft between transfer gearbox and front axle
 Diff. loc cylinder rear axle
 Braking force regulator
 Steering link
 Brake cylinder assembly front , left and right side ,

 Military  upgraded version

 Brake pads , set with 4pcs. and mounting kit






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